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Penang comes to the rescue of Kedah


March 29-

In other words, stop all the nonsense of sabre rattling against Penang, as it was the DAP-led government in Penang that came to assist Kedah, areas affected by water.

If Sanusi remembers that it was the 25 personnel from the Penang Water Authority (PBAPP) together one other personnel from the northern region of the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) that were dispatched to assist many areas in Kedah affected by water shortage.

The service of these personnel were constituted under the 60th Royal Water Engineers Regiment (RAJD).
The Penang PBAPP squadron is part of this establishment.

In fact, the request for assistance came from the Kedah Water Authority (SADA) by way of the Northern Armed Forces Division (MTD).

The RAJD’s role in Kedah between March 21 to April 4, 2021 is to assist in two areas: supply of treated water and the laying and repair of pipes.

Treated water will be supplied to areas in Gurun, Merbok, Tg. Damai, Semeling, and Sg. Lalang.

PBAPP has made available one tanker lorry and one four wheel for this purpose.

At the same time, PBAPP is entrusted to repaid and lay pipes in Kg. Tanah, Daerah Kota Setar, Kg. Rishda, Gurun, Kg. Anak Ikan, Bkt Selambau and Pendang.

All these assistance will be rendered by the Penang water body in the spirit of “Muhibah”.

When it comes to humanitarian assistance, Penang is the first to volunteer.

Due to the fact that it has well managed water establishment, it is possible for it to render assistance to other states notably its neighbour Kedah.

It is abundantly clear, that Sanusi despite his big talk of punishing Penang with muddy water, has abandoned the people in his state to suffer water shortage.

Penang has come to the rescue of Kedahans.

Immaterial of the nasty remarks made by Sanusi against Penang and its water body, it is Penang that has come to the rescue of Kedah.

If good sense prevails as result of this humanitarian gesture by Penang, Sanusi should stop provoking Penang.

In fact, he should wave the olive branch towards Penang.

Let us see whether the current drought in Kedah leading to water shortage can knock some sense into Sanusi’s head.

By now, he should understand that belligerence does not pay.

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